The IT world is growing, now representing almost 6 percent of the total workforce in the United States. As it continues to encompass such a large percentage of professionals, you will begin to see more and more common trends emerge throughout how employees are both hired and promoted within the field.

This is a tricky situation for either a hiring manager or potential applicant looking for employment, as staying in tune with what is and isn't relevant is key to capitalizing on the industry's continuing growth.

Here are a few trends we're seeing in the IT sector this year, and how they can benefit your own career:

  • Growing salaries: According to a recent Dice Tech Salary Survey, average salaries in this industry have gone up each year for the last half decade. While some jumps have been more substantial than others, such as the 5.3 percent raise between 2011 and 2012, salaries have never been higher.
  • Merit-based raises: The same survey noted that nearly half — approximately 46 percent — of IT employees who received raises or promotions last year were rewarded because their experience merited it. 
  • Silicon Valley isn't the only place to be: While Silicon Valley may the stereotypical IT capital of the world, the opportunities for IT work and higher compensation are growing more and more throughout the entire country. Virginia, for example, landed itself among the top 5 states (including Washington, D.C.) for highest average tech salaries of 2014, posting rising 4 percent over its 2013 total for an average salary of $96,658.

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