When it comes to working in the IT industry, there are certain skill sets that every employee will need and any potential employer will be looking for. This is especially true for Big Data, which, despite being projected as the future for many major tech companies, is being found in short supply among the skill sets of IT workers.

According to a recent industry survey of IT leaders released a few weeks ago, those in charge of these companies are addressing the Big Data skills shortages through both training and contingent and contract hires. The survey said that open Big Data positions are projected to grow by 44 percent over the next several years.

This expected increase in hiring means that those who are looking to work in the IT industry will need to sharpen their Big Data skills in order to be considered for these increasingly valuable jobs. Because Big Data is rapidly changing, the skills gap among employees needs to be addressed and corrected. Many times this means contract or outside hires to help.

The Big Data roles are the most difficult to fill, with 65 percent of IT leaders polled in the survey saying that there is not a sufficient number of Big Data architects working in the industry, making those employees who do have Big Data experience an important asset to IT companies.

According to IT industry leaders, there is an immerse value in Big Data, although this potential cannot be realized if there are not enough skilled employees in the workforce. Organizations need to keep their employees as up to date as possible on the changes and advancements in Big Data.

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