Application software developer skills are leading the demand in IT employment, with firms seeking developers skilled in Java, C#, C , Python, R, NoSQL, ElasticSearch, Solr, Spark, Azure, and Hadoop.

Experience with machine learning, data analytics, visualization, data warehouse, and data transformation is highly valued by employers. Implementation algorithms are complex and these skills put developers in a better position to deliver on time. Application software developer jobs have increased 51 percent over the past 12 months and is projected to continue being a major Big Data hiring trend in the IT world in 2015 and beyond. These skills will be needed wherever you decide to look for a job.

Consequently, skilled IT professionals who can harness the power of the data to drive meaningful outcomes are in high demand. Those who are able to look at the analytics of the data are in a prime position to further their careers.

While speaking at the 2013 Text and Social Analytics Summit in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard professor Gary King noted, "Big Data is not about the data, the real value is in the analytics." 

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