How Agile Is Shaping The Future Of Software Development

The only thing constant about the current digital industry is the fact that techniques and best practices are ever-evolving. But, as technology and business requirements continue to change, one thing that must remain constant is the ability for an IT professional to combine new-age development methodologies with traditional tactics to produce effective results.

It’s Time To Embrace Agile Methodologies If You Haven’t Already

The Agile Manifesto is not really a “new” development strategy within the IT sector, but it’s a methodology that needs to be rapidly embraced by anyone who hasn’t already done so.

The Agile Manifesto is being rapidly adopted across numerous technology-driven sectors. Take for example, PayPal. In a recent report, the digital financial company stated that productivity rose by an unprecedented 29% when its developers switched to using an agile approach. mirrored similar results when it said the development life cycle was reduced from 26 weeks to an impressive two-week timeline.

Browse Jobs That Allow You To Harness The Power Of Agile

If you’re still leaning on traditional approaches to IT development, such as the tried-and-true waterfall lifecycle, then it’s time to explore the following three advantages of an agile lifecycle:

Increase Speed To Market

Traditional development methodologies, such as legacy, can require between six months to one year to take a software product to market. Agile, on the other hand, is a completely different beast. Agile is made up of designed “sprints,” which produce frequent releases. The agile lifecycle is able to take a software product to market in a matter of weeks as a direct result of these development sprints.

Maximize Value

The longer your software product isn’t on the market, the longer your company is missing out on the value of the product, and the more likely it is that your competitors will release new products before you. In addition to depriving your company from a valuable product, you’re also depriving your developers or coworkers from the user behavior data and insights that are needed to enhance the product for future releases. Through its sprint-based methodologies, the agile lifecycle is designed to maximize the value of your product from day one.

Enhance The Ability To Change Course

Like the ever-evolving digital world, change is inevitable within a software lifecycle. Fortunately, agile is designed to easily accommodate change. It’s more flexible than traditional methodologies and can easily adapt to new variables within the intended marketplace. Through flexibility and an environment of open communication, agile not only adapts well to new variables, it also eliminates the “black box.” The agile method celebrates the development process, and its challenges, by keeping clients and managers informed of achieved milestones, which are typically measured when the software reaches a “working” status.

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Agile Is The Way Of The Future…But Not By Itself

It’s no secret that software development will continue to evolve, and as the industry changes, so will the need to adjust your approaches to best satisfy new demands. While the agile methodology does focus on time and cost-effective solutions, it’s important to note that traditional methodologies can and should be used in conjunction with the new best practice approaches. By combining the best of both worlds, you’ll gain a competitive edge as you continue to develop innovative, time-effective, flexible, and cost-effective solutions that will continue to drive industry changes.

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