The economy has been steadily improving in recent months, resulting in many opportunities for those who are seeking new employment.  This is especially true for the IT sector, with an increasing number of jobs available than for people working in the tech field.

According to a recent forecast study from staffing provider Brilliant, as well as University of Michigan professor Richard Curtin, companies in the United States have reported a rise in job openings for both permanent and temporary IT positions, and plan on filling these roles as soon as possible.

This increased demand for IT professionals reflects an economy that is rapidly changing with the times, as well as an increase in business activity. According to the forecast, many of the positions that are currently open have been available for less than three months, with most needing to be filled by a qualified individual sooner rather than later.

Brilliant and Curtin found that there has been a rapid growth in unfilled IT positions, with 58 percent of those who participated in the survey reporting vacant positions. Half of all of these companies currently have temporary IT professionals, mostly to meet specific goals within the business itself.

Even if a company is not looking to fill a full-time role, many are still in need of IT professionals who can work on a temporary basis. The survey found that 35 percent of respondents plan to hire IT staff on an interim basis, which has nearly doubled the 18 percent who said the same thing over the last two financial quarters.

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