If you work in the IT industry, you are already familiar with the Cloud. Now Microsoft is looking to help its various enterprise customers and clients move all of their data — including apps and business operations — to a hybrid version of the Cloud it has created.

At a tech conference in Chicago last month, Microsoft unveiled its latest creation, the Microsoft Azure Stack, a collection of the company's public Cloud technologies used for its own data centers. It is completely adaptable for other businesses to use for their own Cloud and IT needs.

"When we talk about cloud first, it is the cloud backend for all of your devices, all of your data," Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in the keynote address. "We will consume data at unprecedented levels […] Security, privacy, regulation all matter in the cloud. We are building the intelligent cloud. At the core of that is the backend infrastructure that drives all of your enterprise mobility needs, the agility you need to have new value and new applications."

This is not Microsoft's first push into the hybrid Cloud area of technology, although it is the boldest one the company has announced. The company has many different Cloud competitors, including Google and IBM, which is part of the reason for the company's new focus on the hybrid Cloud stack.

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