A recently released survey looking at this quarter's trends in IT recruiting and staffing finds that both contingent and full-time hiring are expected to increase significantly.

That survey polled over 300 leaders in the IT industry — running the gamut from CIOs, CTOs and IT Vice Presidents to IT Directors and Managers — on how they plan to staff their companies over the next three months. More than half (51 percent) said that they expect to increase their contingent hiring, representing a major jump from the 36 percent of participants last quarter who expected to ramp up contingent hires. Compared to Q1, fewer respondents said they plan to keep their contingent hiring rate the same (from 54 percent to 44 percent) and even fewer expect their contingent hires to drop off at all (from 10 percent down to just 5 percent).

While this poll doesn't anticipate any significant shifts in how IT leaders' expectations for budgeting or acquisition of employees with specifically needed skill sets, it does underscore an uptick in contingent hiring plans within the industry. This area of IT employment grew considerably last year, and industry analysts are projecting similarly expansive growth in 2015 as well.

But that's not only the area for hiring expected to increase in the months ahead. Forty-five percent of respondents in this quarter's survey, compared to 40 percent last quarter, said that they expect to make more full-time hires. The number of IT leaders who predict their full-time hiring rates to either remain the same or decrease dropped from 50 percent of respondents to 46 percent, and 10 percent to 9 percent, respectively.

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