For many people, their only interaction with the cloud in their day-to-day routine is using services like iCloud, offering extra storage space or a convenient backup in the event their phone goes missing or their hard drive crashes. But for mid-sized and large businesses, particularly IT-driven companies, the cloud is an increasingly integral part of their operations — so much so that today over two-thirds of all IT companies make use of cloud services in some form.

That's all according to the 2014 Cloud Computing Survey conducted by IDG Enterprise, which polled over 1,600 IT companies "to measure cloud computing trends among technology decision-makers including usage and plans across various cloud services and deployment models, investments, business drivers and impact on business strategy and plans." Over two-thirds of those respondents — approximately 69 percent — said that as of 2014, they have already shifted at least one application, or some other component of their computing infrastructure, to the cloud. This is a notable increase from just the 61 percent who could attest to this the year prior, and the even lower 57 percent in 2012.

Additionally, when the respondents were asked which facets of their business were being driven by cloud services:

  • 63 percent said the cloud was driving IT agility (up from 54 percent in 2013)
  • 61 percent said IT innovation
  • 58 percent said access to critical business data and applications
  • 56 percent said need for specialized IT skills
  • 55 percent said IT complexity
  • 46 percent said demand for new applications.

With cloud services becoming more and more important for how IT companies function and keep pace with today's industry comes a greater need to staff these companies with employees who understand the cloud inside and out. If you're looking for top IT talent with cloud experience, or you're an IT professional looking for the best fit for your cloud service skill set, reach out to Capital TechSearch today.