A new survey from programming question-and-answer resource Stack Overflow, finds that Structured Query Language (SQL) skills are becoming increasingly valuable in this industry. With experts in SQL making nearly $100,000, this skill set represents the fifth highest average salary in the United States for IT skills.

The results showing the continued popularity of SQL are in line with previous findings, although Stack Overflow did note that the results of the survey, while expansive and comprehensive, are not without their own implicit biases. However, it is still able to provide a detailed look into where people can find the best and most lucrative IT jobs.

"Like the results of any survey, they are skewed by selection bias, language bias, and probably a few other biases. So take this for what it is: the most comprehensive developer survey ever conducted. Or at least the only one that asks devs about tabs vs. spaces," Stack Overflow said in its report.

Because Stack Overflow has such a strong international reach, the website decided to use these resources to post a list of 45 questions to its site in February, and nearly 30,000 people from 157 countries around the world answered.

For those looking to advance their careers, there are a handful of specific skills worth honing in to gain better recognition from employers. What Stack Overflow found was that the most lucrative career paths in the IT field came with knowledge in Node.js., C#, C++ and SQL, as those skill sets led to the highest average salaries.

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