There is great news for those who are looking to advance their careers in the technology sector, as the United States tech industry is reaching new highs in employment. In 2014 alone, the country added nearly 130,000 jobs in the industry compared to the year before.

According to a new report released earlier this week by industry organization CompTIA, the tech industry now accounts for more than 6.5 million jobs across the United States, or just under 6 percent of the total workforce in the nation. As your skills increase in value, there are more opportunities than ever for advancement in your current workplace.

The companies in this field are healthier and stronger than ever, contributing not only to the private sector but also bolstering the overall economic standing of the United States. Because of this, more and more positions are direct hire, instead of contract positions that have been so prevalent over the last few years.

"The US tech industry continues to make significant contributions to our economy," said Todd Thibodeaux, president and CEO of CompTIA, in the report. "The tech industry accounts for 7.1 percent of the overall US GDP and 11.4 percent of the total US private sector payroll."

With opportunities new positions making themselves available also come opportunities for current IT professionals to advance within their company, or switch to a new one. In fact, according to Dice Tech Salary Survey released last month, approximately 37 percent of IT workers surveyed anticipated a job change in 2015, either for better compensation or a new working environment — aspirations that will be made more possible thanks to the surge of new jobs being added to the industry this year.

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