Wanted Analytics recently released a major analysis of big data job trends to determine what direction the industry will be moving in in 2015. This information is particularly useful for anybody seeking advancement in the IT sector, or for those hiring managers looking to successfully use IT recruiting services to staff their company with more experienced professionals.

That analysis defined big data jobs as comprising four sets of skills: data analysis, data acquisition, data mining and data structures. The report references these skill sets when determining where the future of jobs will be in the IT industry.

Here are a few key takeaways from that report:

  • Employment is diverse: There were five leading industries with the most job openings for those with big data expertise. These fields included Professional, Scientific and Technical Services, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Retail Trade and Waste Management.
  • Expertise demand is up: The demand for big data expertise across a range of occupations saw significant growth over the past year. There was a 124 percent jump in demand for Information Technology Project Managers, and a nearly 90 percent increase in demand for Computer Systems Analysts.
  • Jobs are going fast: Across the United States, the average job listing for an IT professional with Big Data knowledge only stays unfilled for 47 days. This is good news for IT professionals looking to advance their career and move into a new position, but should also prompt them to pursue those opportunities as soon as possible.

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