Top IT Pros have found new reason to call Richmond and Raleigh home in 2008 Capital TechSearch knows that in a tight tech market, quality of life indicators are now more important than ever.

Richmond, VA – March 2008: The technology sector is consistently named one of the fastest-growing industries, but company-paid benefits are decreasing nationwide. Capital TechSearch is making aggressive moves to help the Southeast retain and attract top IT professionals by launching new, industry-leading benefits. This program provides x% 401(k) company match from day one and a major medical PPO to all full time employees, with the choice of low premiums or a slightly higher upfront cost with zero deductible. And these benefits are so good everyone from the head of the company to onsite consultants is offered the same plans.

President and CEO David Ingram says this program “is simply an extension of who we are. We pride ourselves on providing our people the best available benefits. We embrace flexible schedules and believe every employee, whether contract or salaried, deserves the best benefits.” Ingram continues, “Capital TechSearch is very selective in our choice of clients. We work with companies who are focused on retention, and we believe these benefits increase our ability to attract and retain talent, because our clients demand exceptional people.”

A remarkable number of employees have chosen to enroll since the plan began recently. Ingram says 76 percent of eligible employees have signed up, including 90 percent of internal employees. Office Manager Chris Maimone says, “Capital TechSearch offers a zero percent deductible plan that is better than my previous employer, where I had stay within a network. Now I can go to any doctor and know my children and I are covered.”

Kokila Amara is a top IT professional and among the 64 percent of consultants who have chosen these benefits. She says her family switched from her husband’s health insurance to Amara’s contractor benefits for the first time because “this plan helped the whole family save money with lower premiums.”

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