Looking for ways to leverage your talent and experience in one of the fastest growing industry segments of IT?

With changing legislature and new technology flooding the market, the healthcare industry is quickly becoming one the most lucrative industries for information technology professionals. In fact, experts are forecasting 24% percent growth for the healthcare IT industry between 2012-2014.

Being the official IT staffing partner of Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association, we’ve got some incredible opportunities now available with many healthcare employers. Truth is, many of these jobs never even make it to the big job boards (Monster, Indeed, etc.). That’s because our clients expect Capital TechSearch to fill each job. In fact, for every 3 resumes we send to an employer, one of our candidates lands the job.

There are literally thousands of hard-working, experienced IT professionals who are wasting precious time searching for opportunities and going through tedious online application processes just to end up in another stack of resumes. This is where working with an experienced healthcare IT staffing company like Capital TechSearch can pay off in spades.

It’s important to work experienced IT recruiting firm, here’s why:

  • Initial contact is made on your behalf.
  • A knowledgeable recruiter can save you loads time and headaches that accrue during the application process
  • The recruiter can also handle negotiations with the potential employer so that you receive top pay and reasonable hours.
  • You have the benefit of the agency’s reputation in recommending you – which is why it’s so important to work with a reputable, experienced staffing agency.
  • Recruiters know the job market and can help you get paid what you are really worth.
  • Trusted recruiters usually have a high contract-to-hire success rate (ours here at Capital TechSearch is 86%).

It’s also important to note that regardless of how you are hired, the recruiter’s involvement doesn’t end with your employment contract. One of the many benefits of being with a staffing agency is that the agency will be there if either you or the employer needs assistance with anything to do with your employment. That means the recruiter can help with dispute resolution, pay and scheduling issues – you name it.

So if you are at the brink of a career change and are considering the healthcare IT field, working with a reputable, trusted recruiter is one of the smartest decisions you can make.

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