A Shortage of Skilled IT Professionals, Not Jobs

With the economy in an ever fluctuating state, many IT professionals are worried about their potential to find jobs in an industry that is portrayed as being increasingly reliant upon outsourcing to countries such as India.

But, according to a recent article at ZDNET, while the national average for unemployment sits at 9.1%, the unemployment rate of the IT industry is just 3.8% as of May 2011.

Aggressive Hiring Continues

Most of the hiring managers who were surveyed in the article said that although they plan to continue to aggressively hire more IT personnel in the future, they’ve noticed that there is a shortage of skilled IT professionals. So, open positions are available for much longer than usual, and job seekers who do possess valuable IT knowledge are understandably in high demand.

The IT industry offers numerous opportunities to help businesses of all types interact with their customers, simplify processes and reduce spending. Therefore, there is a constant need for IT professionals who can rise to the challenge and demonstrate not only existing competency, but a willingness to keep their knowledge current. Also, many companies are feeling pressure to adopt the latest technologies in an effort to stay competitive. However, these new technologies need to be not only implemented, but supported on a long-term basis. These realities make it easy to understand why unemployment in the IT sector is lower than the national average, and is likely to remain as such.

However, if you’re a job seeker with marketable IT skills, how can you give yourself the best chance of being placed in a job where your talents will be valued and you’ll have the chance to excel on a daily basis?

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Popular IT Jobs

Highest In-Demand Skills in the U.S. by region – Source: ZDNet

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