By Kati Elder Burak, Dir. of Recruiting
Kati Elder Burak
I thought I’d share this wonderful IT success story with our blog readers. It’s about a Richmond-based project manager who realized that her true passion was in development, and did something about it.

For a while, she was growing more and more concerned about her career every week. Although she had a strong background in development, she felt her SQL skills were dated after working in a Project Management role for several years.

We recognize that getting to know candidates and their unique background is important. By doing so, we can help candidates develop a better, more targeted resume that can be applicable to positions otherwise not suitable. She commented, “Kati from Capital TechSearch took the time to review my resume and called me to learn more. After taking the time to learn about my experience, she encouraged me to apply for an open position…” she said.

I had experience in placing several employees with the same company in the past, so I knew that she was qualified for the position. I recommended that she complete a SQL evaluation so that we could determine her strengths and weaknesses.

“She felt I was a good match for the position… I often think that I never would have submitted my resume if Kati hadn’t taken the time to push me to re-evaluate my skill set.”

After an initial phone interview with the hiring manager, and a follow-up interview with the technical team, she was hired!

Our candidate was successful because she relied on our experience and was open with the employer about her skills. She explained that she had been proactively completing a “refresher course” on development skills and that the learning curve would only take a few days.

The best part? We still interact every month. I visit her workplace every other week to gauge her success and happiness. I know where she sits and who her co-workers are.

This is a perfect example of the difference we make every day when placing talented IT professionals into rewarding careers. No matter your technology skill set, we want to talk to you! If you think there might be something better for you (or one of friends or family members) we urge you to take the next step and get in touch with us today.