Even if you have IT skills that are in high demand, searching for a job can be a time consuming and stressful experience

Having marketable talents is one thing, but making sure that those assets are noticed by hiring managers can be a whole new challenge. However, it’s a task that can be made much easier by working with a recruiter. Networking with others in person and through social media outlets is certainly a good idea, but recruiters can often help you get an extra boost in the job market because they have access to information that may not be publicly available.

IT Recruiters

Leverage their Relationships

In order to have a competitive advantage, many top companies choose to keep their plans under wraps, when they are prepping for an expansion, or perhaps getting ready to open a highly coveted position.

Although their reluctance to disclose their plans for the future may give them the chance to capitalize on the element of surprise and enjoy a boost in market share, such secrets can be frustrating for job seekers.

That’s one way that Capital TechSearch can give you an edge in the job market. Since we’re consistently providing top employers with fresh talent, we meet with them on a regular basis. This helps us to stay informed about their long-term hiring plans, and means that we can always be ready to demonstrate our ability to provide great employees whenever they’re needed, long before the job opening is posted on the corporate website. When the most highly sought after positions become available, we’re often among the first to know, and we can pass that information on to you, so that you’re prepared to prove why you’re the best fit for the job.

Access to Unpublished Jobs

Job seekers often go directly to a company’s website to see what positions are available. This can be a costly mistake, but one that can easily be avoided with the help of a recruiter. Employers are well aware that it can take time to find the best person to fill an open position. In many cases, they ask us to start recruiting well in advance of a position being publicly advertised, simply because they know that hiring is a time-intensive process.

In fact, 70% of the jobs posted at our website are listed there in advance of actually being advertised on the company’s own website! Although this might seem a bit surprising, the reasoning stems from the fact that hiring managers are often required to go through a lot of channels to seek approval as they reach out to potential employees. So, it’s often simpler and quicker to deal with recruiters that they know well and have come to trust, before appealing to the general public.

Many companies also recognize Capital TechSearch as an authority in attracting highly skilled IT professionals who are prepared to hit the ground running, in even the most challenging environments. Because we have chosen to focus on the IT industry, hiring managers tend to rely on us to help them fill their highly specialized technical positions, and choose to focus their own efforts on recruiting for more general needs.

When you choose to work with a recruiter during your job search, you’re not only giving yourself the opportunity to access information about unadvertised positions, but you also have the advantage of teaming up with someone who has already developed a rapport with the companies that you hope to work for. Therefore, recruiters can use their skills to make your job search more productive, and give you the chance to find long term prosperity in your industry.