Looking for new employment can often feel frustrating, especially if you are going about it on your own. One of the best things you can do as a job seeker is work with a professional staffing firm that can line you up with an ideal company in your field.

If you are looking for a new job in the IT industry, working with a staffing firm can help increase the odds of finding employment that is a right fit for you. But if you have never worked with one of these organizations before, what can you expect?

Here are a some tips for working with a staffing firm:

  • Ask for specific numbers  Working with recruiters who work directly with hiring managers will be best for your career. You don't want to be just a number to these people, so the personal relationships between recruiters and hiring managers is essential. Vendor management systems can be and are great, but if you are looking to bring your career to the next level, there really is no replacement for person-to-person interaction, on both sides of the hiring process.
  • Develop relationships with recruiters  Most open IT positions do not get posted to the public, and are instead filled by recruiters who have personal relationships with those in the field. That is why it is so crucial for you to create options for yourself that you can use down the road. If you find yourself in a position where you need to leave your job due to unforeseen circumstances, having a safety net of somebody who can get you a job soon will be crucial for your continued success.

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