Strategic Recruiting Solutions

With Unemployment in the technology sector at all time lows the approach to attracting, retaining, and identifying Information Technology talent has to change for companies to be successful.  Capital TechSearch, powered by Visual Workforce, has reimagined the challenge and created a solution to offer a strategic recruiting solution that delivers just in time talent to allow our customers to meet their business needs. 

Our unique technology lead approach includes:

Pipeline creation that identifies available talent in a format that speeds the time to attract and hire hard to find Information Technology professionals

Graphical match reports along with a resume that demonstrate a candidates fit for a role

Customized templates for role definition that improves communication and creates consistency within the organization by simplifying job descriptions

Capital TechSearch powered by Visual Workforce helped us create a much more actionable and quantifiable job description which resulted in saving us significant time and money in the recruiting process.  We were able to visualize the match of the candidates to the job description which allowed us to make a quicker more efficient hiring decision.   I highly recommend the Capital TechSearch as a time and cost saving solution for companies looking to streamline and improve their recruiting and hiring process.

Obie Quelland, Chief Technical Officer, Wealthforge