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“I have primarily worked with Kati and Lindsay. They both have been superb to work with. I’ve been working as a SAS Programmer for about 10 years in Banking and was trying to get back into my original career in Biology. But, I just kept getting calls from Banks and consulting firms for banks. So, when Kati called me about the SAS position here at UNOS it was a dream come true. Also, having worked as a Microbiologist in the Musculoskeletal Transplantation field prior to going into banking this job has been a great fit for me. Prior to beginning work here Kati explained this opportunity in detail to me and how it’s a great organization to work for and I haven’t been disappointed. In addition, I also worked with Lindsay and she has been awesome too. During both the interview and my first day here she guided me through the process. Changing careers and jobs at the same time should have logically been quite stressful but both Kati and Lindsay made it seem like a breeze. Thanks again!”

T.M. | Consultant

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