You may be looking to upskill your current team or hire new talent to fill those skill gaps. Or maybe you’re looking to elevate your own skills and career. Whatever your goals, welcome to the IT Career Skills Series. In this 10 part series, we will breakdown the top skills for each role your need on your IT dream team.


What Does A Cloud Architect Do?

A cloud architect pulls together cloud resources to solve business requirements. The cloud architect not only envisions, strategizes and guides the cloud initiative and culture in an organization, but must also design, facilitate and lead cloud projects.

11 Essential Skills for Cloud Architects

Cloud Computing Fundamentals

The cloud architect has a deep understanding of cloud computing fundamentals that describe cloud service models and cloud deployment types. This includes:

  • Cloud offerings – the functionality offered by cloud providers/frameworks to handle application workloads, communications and data storage
  • Cloud application architectures – structure of the cloud application including the specific components for user interfaces, processing and data handling
  • Cloud application management – how deployed applications are managed

Cloud Patterns Knowledge

Cloud patterns provide sound solutions to recurring problems in cloud architecture. Cloud patterns are commonly used to build reliable, scalable, secure cloud applications. A knowledgeable cloud architect is not only familiar with the existing patterns available on the cloud platform but stays watchful for new emerging patterns that can be leveraged for new or existing cloud applications.

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