Exceptional Tech Companies

One of the things that we love about our work is that we come across really interesting and innovative companies. What’s intriguing about them is the mission they are following or the market niche they fill. More often, it’s the exceptional people.

We created this series to show you what we see in some of the companies we have come across recently. In many cases, these are our customers and partners. These videos allow us to tell the stories of exceptional companies, people, and products. 

Feel free to reach out to me at Dave@CapitalTechSearch.com if you feel like your organization has something exceptional to tell or you would like to be a part of the Capital TechSearch team helping us to help our customers achieve their missions. We’d love to talk to you.


BarTrack’s founders, Brett Danielson, CEO and Grant Hobar, CTO share their passion for a great emerging growth company. BarTrack is revolutionizing the way bars, breweries, and restaurants manage inventory and identify waste. Through their people and engaging culture, there is a desire for upward mobility within the company. BarTrack is making a big impact in the market.


PreciseTarget’s Founder & CEO, Rob McGovern, COO, Liddy Manson, and CTO, Andrew McCasker discuss their approach to building a great team and the focus of their success. A machine learning and data science company helping sellers and marketplaces acquire, engage and reactivate customers. PreciseTarget delivers at the intersection of data science and digital commerce.

Mission Lane

Mission Lane, a group of innovative, forward-thinking individuals driven by a sole mission to help others. Their technology stack allows them to scale fast, build new products and features daily, and continue to grow and help people thrive in this economy. With over a million customers and adding new ones daily, Mission Lane is a company you need to know.


Cellebrite, a leader in the digital intelligence industry is leveraging cutting edge technology to take down the bad guys. Their digital intelligence software unlocks solutions, decrypts, decodes, and provides a digital evidence management solution. Today we are living in the digital age and Cellebrite provides digital intelligence software that is changing the world we live in. They have a mission we can all get behind.

Shades of Light

Through their unique designs and custom products, Shades of Light is a leader in the home furnishing industry, and an ecommerce powerhouse! Shades of Light values their employees and is a group of great people using technology to achieve double digit growth for the past 11 years.

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