Many different companies and professional industries use third-party staffing firms to fill open positions in their businesses. Of course, the success of these firms will depend entirely on the kinds of jobs that are available, as well as the quality of the candidates who are looking for employment.

According to new research from WANTED Technologies, IT jobs are among the positions that are most likely to be filled by these third-party employment companies. The report analyzed job postings from the internet that came specifically from professional companies hired to fill open jobs.

What these researchers found was that application software developers and web developers are two of the top occupations that employers are most likely to bring in external staffing specialists to fill. These firms have found enormous success in finding people for these valuable occupations.

According to the report from WANTED Technologies, IT jobs made up a full 70 percent of occupations that are posted online by these staffing companies. There was also an increase in year-to-year hiring across all kinds of IT jobs, including:

  • Software developers: 72.5 percent
  • Information technology project managers: 44.6 percent
  • Network and computer systems administrators: 44.1 percent
  • Web developers: 41.5 percent
  • Computer systems analysts: 32.3 percent

"Due to hiring growth and more competition to find and attract the best talent, companies in certain industries are facing increasingly difficult recruiting conditions," said Meredith Amdur, president and CEO of WANTED Technologies.

That is where third-party staffing firms, such as Capital TechSearch, can help IT companies fill the holes in their current staffing. If you are interested in learning more about our IT career placement services, contact us today.