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Capital TechSearch powered by Visual Workforce helped us create a much more actionable and quantifiable job description which resulted in saving us significant time and money in the recruiting process. We were able to visualize the match of the candidates to the job description which allowed us to make a quicker more efficient hiring decision. I highly recommend the Capital TechSearch as a time and cost saving solution for companies looking to streamline and improve their recruiting and hiring process.
Obie Quelland Chief Technical Officer, Wealthforge

Capital TechSearch has become an integral partner in our hiring process. They calibrate quickly and have the ability to effectively screen and ensure success through pipeline and highly reliable metrics. Capital TechSearch is insightful, coordinated and proactive. They’ve been instrumental in finding us quality candidates and are responsible for a large percentage of our sales hires. They are simply best-in-class and provide a top notch experience overall.
Tod Weber, CEO, Software AG Government Solutions Inc.

From satisfied Capital TechSearch clients:

“I feel that [my Capital TechSearch account manager] is a great listener who understands my needs. You keep in touch on an appropriate basis to understand our changing environment and staffing needs. Thus, you are able to put good candidates in front of us without wasting our time with candidates who could never meet our expectations. You have also been aggressive in beating your competition in your quest to find the best candidates and fill positions quickly.”

VP & Director
Fortune 200 company

“Capital TechSearch, Inc. is my most consistent recruiting resource, working as an extension of my organization and making decisions that are in my company’s best interests. They have really worked to understand our requirements, and generated multiple candidates that have the skills and experience that meet our needs. They have been very effective in screening candidates, resulting in little time wasted on candidates that are not a great fit for our business. I would highly recommend them to any organization that is looking to add enterprise software sales or sales management talent.”

VP Worldwide Sales
Network security company

“We chose Capital TechSearch, Inc. for our hiring needs based on their past experience as hiring managers. They understood our business needs and tightly defined profile, and delivered to us top-notch candidates in multiple cities simultaneously. We have hired a number of their candidates and would recommend them to anyone in the enterprise software space.”

Executive VP Sales
CRM software company

“One of our business partners referred Capital TechSearch, Inc. to us to help us find our VP of Sales. They spent the time necessary to thoroughly understand our business and candidate requirements and delivered several candidates in a very short period of time. Their thorough analysis and hard work delivered multiple candidates from which to choose – one of which is now leading our enterprise software sales organization.”

Vice President
Asset management software

From Capital TechSearch candidates/consultants:

“From day one, Capital TechSearch has been so supportive and encouraging and most importantly, compassionate in their ability to help me land the greatest role of my career! They have that special something that it takes to make the best of a situation. This includes every conversation, meeting, and presentation that led to my placement with Capital TechSearch and our client! Nothing short of EXCELLENT and I really appreciate the ongoing support they have provided, making me feel welcome and valued! Thank you Capital TechSearch for all that you do!”


“Just a quick note to express my appreciation to you and to all of your staff for all that you do for us during the year. A special thank you for all of your help to me this year. It is a pleasure to work for a company with such competent, upbeat and positive employees! Keep up the good work!”


“My experience has been brief but very rewarding. CapitalTechSearch was very communicative and accommodating during the recruitment process. The Account Manager was a very encouraging handler for each of my interviews. They have been wonderful with all of the paperwork and HR details, especially some of the unique questions I had. This has been the smoothest and most enjoyable hiring/placement process with which I have been involved.”


“I’ve been a consultant with Capital TechSearch (CTS) for the past four years. In that time, I’ve had the good fortune to be associated with many outstanding representatives for the company. During my time with CTS, I’ve enjoyed outstanding relationships – not only with the employees and consultants on-site – but with the members of CTS, as well.

They have done “the little things” that may appear to go unnoticed, but are essential to growing a successful business. People definitely notice when CTS staff members make a trip over to visit. Managers, employees and other contractors sometimes seem amazed we have such regular contact with the consulting office staff. The other staff member who I have regular contact with stays on top of payroll and has done a fine job managing benefits! They provide first-class service and support.

The bottom line – Capital TechSearch does a lot of things right. My work here would be much more difficult, if not for the effort and support of everyone at the “home” office.”


“Capital TechSearch has been superb to work with. I had been working as a Programmer for about 10 years in Financial Services and was trying to get back into my career field. This was not an easy transition. So, when they called me about this opportunity, it was like a dream come true. They explained the job opportunity to me in detail and told me what a great organization I would be working for. During both the interview and my first day here, they guided me through the entire process. I haven’t been disappointed. Changing careers and jobs at the same time should have logically been quite stressful but made it seem like a breeze. Thanks again!”


“Capital TechSearch has exceeded my expectations – They called me for a position in the IT Healthcare field. Once they learned about my prior experience, they explained the job opportunity to me. The position sounded fun and I expressed my interest in pursuing the opportunity. They felt my skills were a good match for the position, so she suggested that I take a technical test to evaluate my skills. Capital TechSearch was very instrumental in getting me to submit my resume for the position and evaluating my skill set. Since I was hired, they always make themselves available. This is my first experience working in a contract position. My husband worked as a contractor for several years and he never hears from the recruiters after he is placed. That is not my experience at Capital TechSearch and I am very grateful.


“I’ve always felt like Capital TechSearch has been extremely transparent when representing my career. It’s obvious they want to ensure I am provided with a professional work environment that is challenging and satisfying.

Capital TecSearch is always extremely personable and her emails are like a ray of sunshine in my mailbox.”


“I am writing this letter to tell you how grateful I am to be working for a company like Capital TechSearch. Being a contractor, I have worked for a number of other contracting companies in the city of Richmond. Of all those companies, Capital TechSearch is the only company that has shown me that its contractors mean more to them than just profit, or just a number.”

Information Technology Professional
Richmond, Va.

“Capital TechSearch, Inc. sat down with me to find out what was important to me. Their thorough knowledge of the industry was incredibly useful to me as I tried to make one of the most important decisions that I could make. I would recommend them wholeheartedly. They won’t waste your time with inappropriate opportunities and they are always working with quality companies on great careers.”

Senior Software Sales Executive
Philadelphia, Penn.

“I have a great deal of respect for the people that run this company and I’m very proud to be working for a company that actually seems to care about its employees on a personal level when the trend these days is for a company to be more concerned about its “bottom line.” This kind of commitment to its employees is what makes me go the extra mile when making sure that the clients that I work for as an employee of Capital TechSearch are happy with the service I provide.”

Information Technology Professional

Richmond, Va.

“Capital TechSearch is a high caliber organization.”

Information Technology Professional

Richmond, Va.

“Working with Capital TechSearch has been a joy; they took time to thoroughly understand my skills, background, and goals – and in about a week I started work with a leading international sales firm. Now I’m doing what I love in an environment that needs and appreciates me. After the first week, [Capital Techsearch] took me to lunch to see how things were going. I appreciate the care and interest they have taken in me. The staff at Capital TechSearch is professional and friendly – two thumbs way up!”

Information Technology Professional
Richmond, Va.

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