Capital TechSearch founder, David Ingram is featured in a recent American INNO article by Megan Corsano.

A Richmond-based, gap-oriented skills inventory platform is shaking up recruiting efforts within organizations through the data visualization of individual employee strengths and weaknesses.

Visual Workforce was born out of an identified gap in the skills tracking, human resources and talent management systems that are commonly used in the workplace. The platform first began as a tool to convert job descriptions into a resulting list of skills to match employees with. It was developed by David Ingram while at Capital TechSearch. The resulting 90% or higher success rate from using the tool made the IT recruiting company quickly recognize the value a tool like their’s had.

Ingram decided to create a company just based around this new tool, which is when he brought Bryan Bostic on board as CEO in 2017. Thus, Visual Workforce was born.

The company has found its niche in the STEM, IT, architectural engineering, defense contracting and healthcare fields. They have also found their platform to be particularly useful for the world of mergers and acquisitions, when the identification of people’s skills and abilities is crucial to efficient transitions.

“When it comes to business, people really matter,” Bostic said. “It’s all about the people.”

Using data-driven visualizations, the multi-tenant SaaS product allows managers and employees to identify the skills needed to grow between positions and the gaps that exist between these skillsets, specifically supporting internal recruiting.

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