If you are looking to start a career in the IT industry or advance the one you already have, now is the perfect time. There are great opportunities available for those with specific IT skill sets and expertise.

According to officials from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, there is a skills gap between the IT jobs that needed to be filled and those who have the skill set and knowledge to apply for work in those positions. Some specialized schools have responded by offering more courses and software development training programs.

Students are becoming increasingly more interested in entering the IT sector after graduating, a trend being driven by higher salaries as well as the number of jobs that are available. For students with loans and debts to pay off, these jobs are especially attractive.

“Every industry needs IT people. It doesn’t matter if you’re transportation or health; everyone needs IT people,” Northeast Wisconsin Technical College associate dean Julie Ebben-Matzke told the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “You can write your own ticket with IT […] That flexibility is really appealing to people.”

Having those tech skills will be valuable as you enter the workforce or seek to advance your career in the IT field. Getting the proper training will be essential for your continued success, whether you learn in an academic setting or while already employed by a tech company.

Whether in software development, cloud infrastructure, business analysis, testing, or project management, your ideal IT job is waiting for you. For advanced IT career placement, be sure to contact Capital TechSearch today! Take a look at the rest of our website to learn about our high-quality IT recruiting services.

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