According to a recent survey produced jointly by CapGemini and EMC, companies in the tech industry will soon rely more heavily on Big Data than they have in years past. The study, titled “Big & Fast Data: The Rise of Insight-Driven Business,” was based on around 1,000 interviews with senior executives and members from nine industries in 10 countries, highlighting valuable industry trends about where senior members think that the technology field will go over the next few years, and how existing companies and businesses will adapt to these changes and increased reliance on hard data and numbers.

Here are a few of the key data points found in the study:

  • 70 percent of those in the IT field consider Big Data crucial for their company’s long-term success
  • 65 percent say that these businesses risk becoming irrelevant if they do not embrace Big Data
  • 64 percent of executives say that Big Data is changing and improving traditional business boundaries
  • 56 percent say they will invest more in Big Data over the course of the next three years
  • 53 percent are seeing increased competition from start-ups that use Big Data consistently

For IT companies, investing in and using Big Data is essential to staying successful and profitable in the face of the competition. Hiring those with expertise in Big Data will be a crucial element of this, as any company will need professionals capable of who can collecting, interpreting and then using this information well.

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