The Perfect Dev: What Today’s Company Wants From Developers

Today there are over 18 million software developers working worldwide. Experts predict that by 2019 this figure will increase to over 26 million, with the United States continuing to lead the way. As the industry continues to grow, and the number of software developers continues to increase, IT enterprises will continue to search for more specific skills and recruit top talent.

How Developer Demands Are Evolving

The continual influx of software developers over the past decade has led to a rapidly evolving IT environment that is greatly influenced by the skills and design preferences of the most sought after dev talent. One trend that has stayed the same, no matter what sector devs are working in, is that the top tier of software developers prefers to use open source software solutions.

To be precise, a study from VisionMobile showed that 21% of respondents preferred Java and 11% of respondents preferred JavaScript when working across multiple sectors, including: Mobile, IoT, desktop, and the cloud.

While the language preference remains consistent, the applications are changing drastically. Developers are starting to work across multiple sectors as social and behavioral demands call for change and as technology continues to improve. In fact, when developers were asked how many sectors they currently work in, this is how they answered:

  • 36% work in 2 sectors
  • 23% work across 3 sectors
  • 7% work in 4 (desktop, mobile, IoT, cloud)

This trend of being able to work across multiple sectors hasn’t quite impacted the preferred languages to a great degree so far. The long-time leading programming languages, like Java, C, and C++ are still atop the most used languages (see below).

Tiobe Programming Community Index

Why Developers Are Utilizing Open Source Software

Gone are the days when a company could simply have a single website, an email platform, marginal data security, and a phone system. Now, they require intricate IT architectures that span multiple platforms. From public cloud data storage and security solutions to numerous digital footprints that include desktop websites, mobile websites, and apps, company demands and developer skills are being pushed to a scope that is increasingly broad.

For that reason, many developers believe that open source software provides innumerable advantages that couldn’t be achieved otherwise. According to a recent study conducted by VisionMobile, a whopping 91% of IoT developers rely on open source technology throughout their projects. In general, the primary reasons listed for using open source software include:

  • The culture and ideals it provides
  • Access to optimal technology and support
  • Being on the cutting edge of developing technology

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It’s not just the devs that see the value of open source either; companies are quickly picking up on the windows it opens and recruiters are beginning to seek out developers who are able to efficiently navigate open source software. Most companies are interested in open source software for these benefits:

Improved Flexibility And Agility. In an age of rapid software development, IT leaders are embracing the ideals of flexibility and agility. One of the leading benefits of open source is its ability to use agile technology that provides multiple ways to solve enterprise challenges.

Increased Speed. Simply put, open source enables speed. It allows developers to work at accelerated rates, while simultaneously providing the quality results that companies need to succeed. Through a community approach, open source quickly resolves problems and allows developers to immediately implement valuable solutions.

Cost Effectiveness. As a general rule of thumb, open source is more cost-effective than a proprietary solution. Not only are open source solutions cost effective, but they also provide an company with the increased ability to grow and scale as needed.

Embracing The Future Of Development.  Many experts believe that open source is the way of the future. Whether it is a web, mobile, cloud, or IoT solution, open source can become the foundational building block. It is predicted that open source will continue to remain the number one choice for future IT architectures.

What Makes The Perfect Dev?

So, is there such thing as the “perfect” dev? Well, you’ll continue to see companies getting specific with the skill-set they require from their developers. Outside of niche roles though, the general rule is that versatility equals value. The more languages you can work in, the more value you offer. Languages like Java and C++ continue to be highly leveraged and the movement towards more open source software continues to grow. Additionally, it will be increasingly critical to understand how to work across different sectors, like mobile, IoT, cloud, and more.

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