Case Study – SnagAJob

When the #1 website for hourly jobs needed to triple the size of its Engineering Department, Capital TechSearch delivered.

Problem: faced exponential growth in sales and marketing, and needed senior-level computer engineers in order to meet business targets. However, the IT market’s low unemployment rates made finding appropriate employees extremely difficult. After struggling to fill the open positions, Senior Vice President Greg Moyer says contacted Capital TechSearch because they “recognized the significant challenge facing us as we set out to triple our development staff in a very tight market.”

“Capital TechSearch exceeded our expectations with the results they were able to achieve. Because of their efforts we were able to scale the engineering department to accomplish our growth objectives.”

Greg Moyer presented especially demanding staffing requirements because they were looking for local individuals who not only met their stringent technical demands but fit the company’s unique culture. They had turned downed countless prospects who possessed one of these attributes but were having a hard time finding anyone with the balance they desired — let alone the large number they needed. Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Wei Wang described the search before Capital TechSearch as “too much quantity and not enough quality… with the challenge of picking out the best from a relatively small Richmond tech talent pool.”

Solution: Using our patent-pending 12-step recruiting process, we helped triple the size of their engineering department in a very short period of time. They contacted 10 IT staffing companies to help build their staff, and we were one of two whose candidates were hired. Moreover, Capital TechSearch placed four times as many individuals as the only other successful company. Achieving this technology recruitment goal supported the entire company’s continued growth. Mr. Moyer attributes our unique success to “thoroughness and use of a highly disciplined recruitment methodology. They understood our needs and were committed to helping us as a true staffing partner.”

The Capital TechSearch Difference

We are dedicated to understanding your company, and will only present clients who suit your specific needs. We have unparalleled local connections, so most of our prospects already live in Richmond, which is highly unusual in this competitive market. Kate McDonough,’s recruiter, believes our success is built on putting more effort into understanding a company and its culture than our competitors, and then delivering fitting local candidates. She says we “found prospects SnagAJob normally would not have reached because of Capital TechSearch’s great connections.”

Our unique methodology screens for candidates who exactly meet each individual company’s technical and cultural qualifications.’s Wang contributes Capital TechSearch’s success to our “strong willingness to listen to their needs and refine the recruiting methods to turn up…very solid candidates knowledgeable about SnagAJob’s values and technical needs.” The candidates we presented were well-screened, top-tier engineers, who possess the adaptable, collaborative, passionate personalities the company demands. Moyer says, “We provided multiple firms with our requirements, and Capital TechSearch was the most responsive in presenting well-matched candidates with both technical skills and cultural fit in a timely manner.”

We live up to our motto, “A Higher Standard for IT Staffing and Executive Search.” We believe in quality over quantity, and respect your time by only providing the best available talent. We accomplish goals and help build companies; as a result, much of our business comes from referrals.