Case Study – VCU Health System

When VCU Health System needed Information Technology talent to enable the Healthcare Revolution, Capital TechSearch delivered.

Since 2004, Capital TechSearch has helped VCU Health System build its IT organization as they launched a technological revolution in healthcare. The nurses and doctors there were once forced to be “hunters and gatherers of information,” in the words of Rich Pollack, VP and CIO. Now, they are fully supported with the latest healthcare information technology, 1 million square feet of wireless access, and a new, entirely digital $180 million critical care hospital tower with 225 beds.

“We have been pleased that Capital TechSearch has been able to serve a broad variety of needs which we do not generally see with local firms that we have dealt with,” Pollack said. “Because of the complex nature of the technology we were deploying, it was absolutely critical to have the right talent mix in place.”

“Capital TechSearch has been able to address those needs, and having a partner who provides that kind of flexibility has been a great asset.”

Rick Pollack

VCU Health System

“Depending upon the time of year, our financial resources, and what kind of IT projects we are deploying, our IT staffing needs have varied greatly over the last couple of years,” Pollack explained. “There have been times when we have had to ramp up really quickly, and the only way we have been able to do that is through contractors. Other times, we have wanted to minimize contractors, and move to full-time positions. Capital TechSearch has been able to address those needs, and having a partner who provides that kind of flexibility has been a great asset.” Pollack said that the healthcare technology legislation increased demand for candidates with both IT and healthcare experience. Unfortunately, the supply remains limited. “We are all competing for a relatively small pool of people. Having Capital TechSearch as a partner has helped us through this challenging time.”

Capital TechSearch delivered the critical talent with contract, contract-to-hire, and direct hire services and solutions. Our patent-pending recruiting and delivery process enables us to effectively address complex issues in the changing marketplace and is a key element of our long-term commitment to our clients. Over the past 6 years, we have built 10% of the entire IT organization, with a 92% retention rate.

“We are proud to have played such a substantial role in the success of VCU Health System,” said David Ingram, President of Capital TechSearch. “We develop long-term relationships because we know that in order for our people and our clients to be successful, we need to be able to support them over a long time period.”